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We are sadden to announce that HRH Crown Prince Dimitri Di Savoia has passed in January 17, 2016 at 1:00 AM in the city of Edingburgh.

Further news will come as they become available.  Thank you.

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I present to you the viewers my life story (struggle) to regain and publicly confirm my "true Identity"; not uncommon to the many stories of a similar nature.  "We are all born with the GOD given right to be known by who we were born into this world and the confirmation which we all seek of our ancestry; however humble or noble is irrespective to the point in fact of our origins!!"

Notice to all readers:

I feel it is important to inform all readers of this website, do to the complex nature of the contents (context), it is in fact incomplete and I am continually adding new contents and updates to this blog, it is only fair that I point this fact out to the readers, so that the readers may have a clear understanding in order not to draw premature opinions or final judgements based the present contents!

I wish to further point out tha the autobiographical section of this blog (beginning with the list of persons involved in this story); is only the beginning of what will be a comprehensive chronological report!

To simply put it, using a well known phrase, "I have only begun to touch the tip of the iceberg!!"

I wish to thank  to the readers of this blog for their patience and understanding.

H.R.H. Crown Prince Dimitri Di Savoia

In 1964, shortly before my displacement from my true home (Family); I went through an experience (ritual) where I remember lying down on some marble sarcaufages, I was totally nude and surrounded by a group of monks (they wore robes, the collor of brown with hoods), they held me down in order to prevent me from moving,some held my legs, torso, shoulders and one held my head while at the same time covering my eyes, but I could still see out from the corner of my left eye; one of these monks to my left of me held what seemed like a dark old style dagger and he plunged it into the left side of my torso, at that moment I felt a burning pain, I screamed and passed out (the memory of this event is as fresh today, as if it had occurred yesterday)! The five symbols in this photo was branded on my body during this event! 


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I feel it is important to comment on an event happened to me when I was five years old; My father had ordered that five symbols were to be branded on my body. This was my father's (Umberto II) way of ensuring, that if any of his plans to bring me back home were to fail (to which obviously they have) these symbols would be the final and ultimate proof of my true identity!

In 1996 of Feb. 10th, I was officially received by and had my meeting with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Then Prefect of The Faith) at Santo Uffizzio #2(Vatican City). In this meeting I personally handed into the hands of his Eminence, a file containing all of the evidence I had garnered from my complete investigation into my past; He graciously accepted this file and began to study intensively all the contents (Including the complete translations of the five symbols); during one point, his Eminence stopped and looked at me(I was seated to his left) with a smile and said "I SEE YOU LIKED YOUR LOLLY POPS" (Referring to a photo of me as a child sucking on a lolly pop), he then returned to continue to study the file. During this time I and his assistant remained in silence (I can not continue beyond this point of our meeting at the present time)!

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It is common knowledge between certain persons within the inner sanctum of Vatican City and in particular, Vatican Secret Archives, that my father deposited and entrusted to a certain individual from the Offices Of The Prefect Of The Faith(Vatican Secret Archives), all of the documentation and proofs of my true identity and of the significance of the five symbols! It was my father's intentions and instructions, that if something happened to him and he was no longer alive, I was to be found, brought back home, identified and then to receive my birthright.

I feel this comment is important in order to clarify the reasons for having written my letter to Pope Benedict XVI and to illuminate the connections between two events and finally to point out that my father's (Umberto II) will still has not been fulfilled!

Prince Dimitri Di Savoia